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Guide to Farrington Gurney

The nearest Town/City is Bath. If you click here, you can find information on the area around Bath rather than just Farrington Gurney

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Farrington Gurney is a village near Bath in North East Somerset


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Staying in and around Farrington Gurney

Ston Easton Park - A Von Essen Hotel
A superb Palladian mansion set in one of the West Country's most romantic estates, Ston Easton Park exudes elegance, warmth and comfort


Bath Meadowland (Bath)
Voted one of the TOP20 Bed&Breakfasts in the U
Bath Paradise House (Bath)
Rated 5 Diamonds Paradise House is one of only 4 establishments in England to be given The "Which" Hotel Guide 2001 Hotel of the Year "Brilliant" Award for Bed and Breakfast Accommodation
Cheriton House (Bath)
Dorian House (Bath)
Enter an atmosphere of period charm in Dorian House

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Entertainment in and around Farrington Gurney


Bath Racecourse (Bath) Upgrade this entry

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Attractions in and around Farrington Gurney


Jane Austen Centre (Bath)
Museum of Costume (Bath)
The American Museum (Bath)
Come and see the museum of American History
Bath Postal Museum (Bath) Upgrade this entry
Herschel Museum of Astronomy (Bath) Upgrade this entry

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Health and fitness in and around Farrington Gurney


Bath Natural Medical Centre (Bath)
We are awaiting more information from this day spa (including spa treatments and spa products) before posting a full description. Please check back soon. ...
Green Street House (Bath)
Nestled in the heart of the Georgian City of Bath, Green Street House is the perfect place to take time out for yourself. Its peaceful, tranquil surroundings and holistic beauty treatments encour ...

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