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find events, attractions, accommodation, travel information, things to do and places to see in Great Britain and the Irish Republic now and in 2012
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Where to go and what to do in Great Britain and Ireland

Great Britain has a wide variety of things to see and do. Click on one of the above sections to find out more information. Our Top Ten lists are a good place to start, for instance. In addition, don't forget to check out our Special Offers page. A lot of places have deals for visitors booking online - deals that they will not get when they turn up at the gate, so it is always worth checking before you depart.

Unlike other websites, whach are arranged around specific items such as Travel or Accommodation, we are guessing that you have a destination in mind and then need to know all about that destination - travel, accommodation and obviously what to do once you get there. We have organised this website accordingly. Find a place using the search box above and you can then see what is going on not just there, but also in the surrounding area.

If you are searching for a specific Attraction, head straight for the A-Z. If you know the area, but are unsure as to what there is to do there, then use the Search Box for the nearest Town. We list everything going on in that Town as well as all its surrounding villages!

If you are looking at a day or a weekend of entertainment - for Stag/Hen 'do', Works outing, a family experience or even just to pamper yourself, then there are plenty of 'Experience' Companies around that can allow you to try something new and exciting. Have a look at Fresh Weekends or Virgin Experience Days for inspiration.

Here are some suggestions to kick you off - click on the link for more information:-

Aston Martin Thrill - £99.00
Flying Lesson - £99.00
Relaxation Day for 2 - £99.00
Deluxe makeover - £49.00
Paintballing - £69.00
Harness Sphereing for 2 - £59.00
Tank Paintballing - £79.00
Ferrari Thrill - £99.00
National Trust Day out for 2 - £49.00
Bodyflying - £49.00

If you're still stuck for something to do, ask on our Forum and someone will be along to answer.

Digging into the past to find out your ancestors is one of the fastest growing pastimes in the UK. Using sites such as can help you in this search and maybe take you on a hunt across the UK for long- forgotten relatives, ancestors and perhaps the origin of your family!

Aerial Photography in UK Fresh Weekends is a new concept for weekend breaks Virgin Experience Days