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find events, attractions, accommodation, travel information, things to do and places to see in Great Britain and the Irish Republic now and in 2012

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Find events, attractions, accommodation, travel information, things to do and places to see in Great Britain and the Irish Republic now and in 2012 London theme park hotel bed and breakfast train times are all here

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  • Bed and breakfast
    Bed and breakfast accommodation guide
  • Camping and caravanning
    Guide to camping and caravanning sites around the UK
  • Holiday Centre
    Guide to Holiday Centres around the UK. Usually geared to families, but can sometimes suit couples. However, laerger groups such as stag and hen parties may not be welcome.
  • Hostels
    Hostel accommodation around the United Kingdom. Cheap and cheerful and clean
  • Hotels
    Hotels from unclassified, through to 5-star accommodation. For last-minute bookings, check out as you can often get 50% or more off the rack rate and get a really nice room in a 4 or 5 star hotel for the same rack price of a 2 or 3 star!
  • Self-catering
    Self catering accommodation from pre-pitched tents, through static caravans to brick-built apartments and holiday cottages to let. There will be something at a level for everyone and you don't need to wirry about fixed meal-times, slobbing about or food faddies!


Entertainment guide

  • Theatres - plays and musicals
    From the Tim Rice/Andrew Lloyd-Webber productions to local am-dram to a theate performance whilst you eat, there is plenty to choose from.
  • Concerts
    Does what it says, Concerts - from Classical to Pop, folk and Rock. From intimate rooms in a club to the Albert Hall, there should be something to suit everyone. Agencies such as My Ticket Market specialise in brokering unwanted tickets, so even if a concert is a sell-out, people still drop out for different reasons, so it can be worth checking.
  • Opera and ballet
    From the Tim Rice/Andrew Lloyd-Webber productions to local am-dram to a theate performance whilst you eat, there is plenty to choose from.
  • Comedy Clubs
    A very large percentage of comedians and comediennes cut their teeth on the comedy club circuit. For them it can be like being thrown to the lions, for the audience you can see established comedians trying out new material or future talent working their ticket and gaining experience.
  • Cinemas
    No longer the local flea-pit, nowadays, multiscreen cinema complexes provide a whole morning, evening or afternoon experience. Book online and save queueing.
  • Art Centres
    Art Centres, as well as holding Art exhibitions also have theares for performance, screens for cinema screenings and often a restaurant for pre or post-performance meals.
  • Casinos
    Recent relaxation of laws mean that there is no longer a 24-hour wait before you can join. n addition, the Government has given the go-alead for a number of larger casinos including Britain's first supercasino - although it's location is stll subject to some controversy
  • River Cruises
    This can be just a cruise such as the 'Famous people living by the river' to a Thames cruise complete with meal and live entertainment.
  • Horse Racing
    From steeplechase to the flat - Ascot week to the Grand National
  • Motor Racing
    One sport where British Drivers do hine from time to time - Brands Hatch, Rockingham, Silverstone and many more

Food and drink

  • Mobile caterers
    CAn't be bothered to go out? Want someone to take care of the cooking, serving and cleaning-up? Get the caterers in. From intimate tete a tetes to dinner parties to special occasions, there are cateres to suit
  • Restaurants
    Britain is blessed with a number of quality restaurants of all nationalities. In addition, it has a number of Michelin-starred restaurants with a cluster, for smoe reason in Bray, near Maidenhead, Berkshire.
  • Pubs
    Smoking became banned in Pubs on 1st July 2007. Since then, owners have realised that the smell of smoke maskes worse smells from years of food, dring and outside-world abuse. Expect a lot of refurbishment to take place as pubs reinvent themselves - even the Queen Vic on Eastenders has had a makeover!
  • Takeaway restuarnats
    The curry and, more specifically, the chicken tikka masala now top Britain's favourite tqake-away lists, usurping the humble fish 'n' chips

Leisure and Fitness


  • Shopping Centres
  • Shops
    Not a full list, just some specific ones that stand out from the crowd
  • Personal Shoppers
    If you're visiting an area and are looking for something special, then a personal shopper with local knowledge can cut through the run of the mill and take you to where you need to go.

Travel Shop - plan your holiday from the comfort of your armchair

Event Guide

  • Calendar
    Calendar of events in Great Britain. What's on in Great Britain. Event, concert, theatre, fete, fayre festival guide
  • Art Exhibitions
    Currently in vogue are Art weeks and Art weekends where Artists in an area open their studios fo rthe public to see 'behind the scenes', to meet the Artists and, all being well, purchase some art straight from the horses's mouth as it were
  • Music Events
    Glastonbury, WOMAD, 'T' in the Park, Download, Reading Festival, Towersey Festival, Last Night of the Proms screened i nparks across the UK. Despite our appalling record on weather, us Bris do like our music festivals. A lot are very family-friendly and, especially the Folk and Classical events, are singers really singing and musicians really playing their instruments.
  • Sports Events
    OK, so our sporting heyday may be past, but we still occasionally produce winners such as Paula Radcliffe, Dame Kelly Holmes, Steve Redgrave, the scottish curling team and Eddie 'the eagle' Edwards. With the Olympics in 2012 spakring a massive construction project a well as teh drive to produce the next Olympic Champions from our schools, Britain should be in for soem cracking sporting events bewteen now and 2012
  • Special Events
    • The Queen's Diamond Jubilee
      In 2012 the Queen will be celebrating 60 years on the throne. Keep an eye on this page for events, promotions and memorabilia
    • The London 2012 Olympics
      For the first time since 1948, Britain is hosting the Olympics.Check out these pages for information, venues, tickets, merchandise, news and related events.

Health and Safety information for visitors to Britain and the Irish Republic

Where to visit - decision time

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