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Unlike other Directory websites, is aimed squarely at the Tourist. Whilst it is possible that they may need a dentist or shoe shop during their stay, this can be found out locally when they arrive. We concentrate on the Holiday element!

You can place your advert directly in our Directory and/or have a 120x60 advert on the right hand side and/or Sponsor a location (City, Town or Village).

If we have created a basic listing for you and you wish to upgrade to an enhanced listing, contact us by email or telephone here and we will help you achieve this. Enhanced listings show more details, allow links to your own website and also allow you to edit your listing information as often as you wish.

Advertising Rates (£ UKP per annum):

Directory Entry
Right hand side advert

Local item entry
e.g. Accommodation -> Hotel in Windsor - Dunroamin' Hotel

This is the most common entry type, either for a Directory Entry or the basic advert on the Right Hand Side.





Category (non-geographic)
e.g. Accommodation across the Country




Subcategory (non-geographic)
e.g. Accommodation -> Hotels across the Country




'In association with...'
Each place - Town, City or Village has a writeup. You can Sponsor a specific location with your Business.

If you sponsor a Town or City, then your writeup will not only appear for that Town/City but also for any Village linked with that Town/City in our Database that does not yet have a Sponsor of its own.

See Slough for an example of a Town and Burnham as a village displaying the Town Sponsorship for example

£300 for a Town / City

£150 for a Village

You create and edit your own entry online. To get started, contact us via email or telephone for an access code.

Other advertising options are available, such as inclusion in the newsletter. Speak to us to take this further.

All prices exclude VAT, which will be charged at the prevailing rate (currently 15%). To get started, contact us via email or telephone