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image of event is a comprehensive resource for anyone visiting Great Britain or the Irish Republic, mainly from abroad, but also domestic visitors travelling within the UK.

It is intended as a guide to help visitors decide where they would like to stay (depending upon holiday type, budget, interests and so forth) and then providing them with the information that they need in the immediate vicinity of where they choose to stay.

Unlike other Directory websites, is aimed squarely at the tourist. Whilst it is possible that they may need a florist or shoe shop during their stay, this can be found out locally when they arrive. We concentrate on the Holiday element!

Our Events listings allow you to publicise your Event, not only on your local Town/Village, but also the surrounding Towns and Villages, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. For just £5, your Event will show up as follows:

To add your Event, click the appropriate button. You have the choice between a Free Entry which will show basic information and a Super listing which will also allow images and contact details to be shown - ideal if, for instance, you are selling tickets in advance or it is likely that visitors will need further information. Super Listings are only £5 (+ VAT)

Contact us should you have a requirement for multiple events - for example a series of Tour Dates/Venues. We can bulk-enter the information for you for a fee and send you just the one invoice.

NOTE: This services is for genuine events occurring in Britain. All Entries are manually approved before they will appear on the website. Any that breach our advertising code just will not appear so please do not waste your time trying to add spam entries.