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Britain provides a wide range of accommodation, which is rated on a 1 to 5 star basis. Click here for the English Tourist Board's definition of the Rating System.

As with booking most accommodation, it is a juggling act between booking early to secure a room in a poopular spot and booking at the last minute to get good deals. During the Summer holidays, especially July and August most smaller Hotels will be fully booked and you will be left with ringing around the larger ones looking for cancellations. Using a website such as can help.

If you are willing and able to travel a bit, then try some of the villages outside the main resort. Tourists can be very lazy and a perfectly acceptable place to stay can be rejected because it is too far away from the madding crowd. British Visitor's unique Search facility links every village with a Town or City. When you search, you get information covering all the viillages in the area.

One popular option is a Home Exchange programme. Swap houses with someone else and you get your accommodation for free, good local information and possibly a car for the duration for just a small premium on your insurance. Check out for more information as well as hundreds of UK Properties (and worldwide too!)

These pages list places to stay by location (Bath, Edinburgh) and by category (hotel, hostel, B&B and so on). If you want to search by brand then please choose from one or more of the following. Individual brands may be running specific promotions that we are currently unaware of.

Marriott Deals

If you are looking for accommodation in 2012 for the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics then we have a dedicated programme and Forum at

To find out information about a specific Town, look it up in our Search Box above.

Aerial Photography in UK HomeExchange - swap houses and save money